Who We Are
Nando M. Breiter
Nando Breiter is the initiator of the CarbonZero Project and has a deep interest in the development of sustainable systems that can meet the substantial challenges facing us in the future. He has a background in horticulture, manufacturing and computer programming, and is deeply engaged with biochar.
Feel free to contact Nando directly by email, nando [at] carbonzero.ch, with any questions regarding the CarbonZero Project. He is also available by telephone at +41 76 303 44 77 (mobile) during European business hours, or via Skype (contact me for details).
Ernst Schaltegger
Ernst Schaltegger is an agriculturalist with over thirty years of exposure to issues of agricultural development, energy and natural resources management. He is a consultant with INNOVABRIDGE, www.innovabridge.org, a foundation based in Caslano, Switzerland focused on innovative development. Widely traveled, he has managed developmental projects the world over, particularly in South America, Africa and Asia. He has been active in biochar research and implementation at scale for several years, and is well acquainted with the latest scientific advances in our understanding of biochar.
Contact Ernst directly by email, schaltegger [at] carbonzero.ch.
Nicola Schoenenberger
Nicola Schoenenberger is a consultant with INNOVABRIDGE and holds a PhD in natural sciences (biology, botany and plant genetics). His field of activities include research and advisory services in plant and agro ecology, biodiversity and ecology in urban and disturbed habitats, neophytes and invasive plants. He is the head of a conservation project of genetic resources (apples) of the Swiss Commission for the Conservation of Cultivated Plants, supported by the Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture. He is presently also active in the assessment of biosafety of genetically modified wheat.
Contact Nicola directly by email, nicola [at] carbonzero.ch.